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last-updated: October 26, 2009


Overlay Visualizer

Circle Straight Line Waving Line Vortex Grid

The Visualizer is showing 50 nodes and communication between them. It also draws spanning trees for multicast with colored lines. In this case, an emulator is hosting all nodes and the Visualizer on a single computer. The Visualizer also works on a real network.

Overlay Visualizer with 300 virtual nodes

Circle Grid

It is confirmed for Overlay Visualizer to be able to visualize 300 virtual nodes on an emulator. The computer in this case runs Linux over VMware on Windows XP and has a 1.7 GHz Pentium M processor.

It is confirmed for the emulator to be able to host 300,000 nodes on a computer running Linux with 7550 MB heap (java -Xmx7550m).

Web interface of DHT shell

DHT shell provides a web interface. It can also show a routing path on a geographical map (Google Maps).

The above images are screenshots of the web interface of nodes operating on PlanetLab. We can access those nodes on PlanetLab via


Overlay Visualizer

DNS Emulation with over 600 nodes on PlanetLab


You see Overlay Visualizer with 20 virtual nodes just by clicking the following button. This demo requires JRE (or JDK) 5 or later installed.

Configuration of this demo is as follows:

You can also see the demonstration by downloading the following files and invoke them.

Type the following command to invoke it.
java -jar overlayweaver-signed.jar DemoScenario

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