Building Overlay Weaver

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last-updated: August 14, 2013

System Requirements

Overlay Weaver runs on all platforms which have Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 5 or newer. It has been confirmed that Overlay Weaver works on Linux and Windows 7/Vista/XP.


Overlay Weaver requires the following software. You have to install them in advance.

Getting Overlay Weaver

You can either get source distribution, binary distribution or check out source code from GitHub. See the instruction on the Download page.

Building Overlay Weaver

If you have source distribution of Overlay Weaver, unpack it to prepare the source tree.

Once you have the source tree, change into the installation directory.

cd overlayweaver

Build Overlay Weaver with Ant.


If the build succeeded, you see the following message and have compiled binaries in the target directory. The directory did not exist before this build process.

Total time: XX seconds
You are now ready to execute commands provided by the toolkit under bin directory.

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