Manual: listnodes

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last-updated: January 3, 2008


listnodes - list nodes on an overlay


owlistnodes [-t UDP|TCP] [-r] [-s [<self address>[:<port>]]|<port>] <host>[:<port>] [<port>]

owlistnodes -h


List nodes on an overlay. Traverse nodes from the specified node and show URLs to access found nodes.


If an invalid option or -h is specified, the command shows help messages.

-t < UDP|TCP>
Use the specified transport protocol. If no protocol is specified, UDP is used.
Show found nodes in the Overlay Weaver's raw form, which is a pair of hostname and a port number (<hostname>:<port>) a node uses to communicate each other.
-s [<self address>[:<port>]]|<port>
Use the specified address as the address of the node being invoked itself. If not specified, DHT shell detects its own address automatically. But this option is useful on a computer with multiple IP addresses or inside a NA(P)T router.

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