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last-updated: October 22, 2007


owviz - Overlay Visualizer


owviz [-t UDP|TCP] [-i <self ID>] [-s [<self address>[:<port>]]|<port>] [--no-upnp] [<host>[:<port>]] [<port>]

owviz -h


Overlay Visualizer is a tool which visualizes communication between nodes just in time. It works both on an Emulator and a real network because it collects communication statistics via Messaging Service itself of the toolkit.


If command-line arguments are specified, Visualizer tries to contact the specified node to collect node information. If an invalid option or -h is specified, Overlay Visualizer shows help messages.

-t < UDP|TCP>
Use the specified transport protocol. If no protocol is specified, UDP is used.
-i <ID size in bit>
Use the specified number as the size of ID. If not specified, 160 bit is used. ID size depends on configuration of routing algorithm. For example, the default size is 160 bit in Chord and 128 bit in Pastry.
-s [<self address>[:<port>]]|<port>
Use the specified address as the address of Visualizer being invoked. If not specified, Overlay Visualizer detects its own address automatically. But this option is useful on a computer with multiple IP addresses or inside a NA(P)T router.
Disable UPnP NAT Traversal function.


There are screenshots of Overlay Visualizer on "Screenshots and Demo" page. The demonstration on the page executes Overlay Visualizer.
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